Mohamed Magdy's Biography

My name is Mohamed Magdy, a student at the Faculty of Engineering Alexandria University, Computer and Systems Engineering Department. I expect to be graduated summer 2011 with a BSc degree in Computer Engineering. In the mean time I am working as a part timer at BadrIT in Ruby on Rails team. Currently we are working in web application which will be released soon. In my academic live this year I am studying Pattern Recognition course which I really appreciate it, I believe that it is one of the interesting courses I have studied in Computer Engineering for many reasons one of them is that we are implementing some classifiers and clusters algorithms that are close to real time applications a Google Search Engine which all of us use daily. My advice for those who did not study Pattern Recognition course is to take a look on it and you will be interested. APPOD, APPOD, APPOD, bufff, it is our graduation project which we are working on it on. We are a group of 7 students. The main idea of the project will be a top-secret and a surprise until the release date which will be in July, 2011. In my personal life this is my first article I write in public and actually its my first blog and blogging action. I am a Muslim-Sunni living my beloved city Alexandria the "Pearl of the of the Mediterranean".  I have no political views because I can not talk about an issue that I have never studied before, or may be because of the Egyptian previous regime which restricted the politics for some kind of people and banned others, but all what I can say that Islam has the solution of any problem in our life either political, social, religious even scientific problems. That enough today, see you soon with some new topics, check the blog frequently if you are still interested. Have a nice day!
                                                                                                                                                           Mohamed Magdy
                                                                                                                                                            May 22nd, 2011